Meagan Ibanez has commit over 15 years practice combined to the core therapies of Yoga Teaching and various Remedial Body Therapies. Specialising in Ka Huna bodywork (ancient healing Hawaiian Massage) and Hypno-Meditation. 

Within this time Meagan has cultivated skills towards effective methods of reaching the minds of those ready to heal. These techniques enabling a deep space to radiate a sense of wholeness on all levels of life experience. 

Meagan is a qualified Yoga Teacher, specialising in somatic movements utilising Kundalini, Yin and Vinyasa style yogas. She also has in-depth knowledge of breathwork and meditation. 

One of Meagans most effective areas, is through her use and tone and voice. From her own private practice, she has found a connective way to channel that stillness through the depths of her words. This interconnection reaches that silent place within all minds. These profound experiences has led Meagan to uptake and integrate Hypnotherapy into her works. 

With this combination of healing arts, a centre of creative and connection flow forth in a meditative journeying that invites all minds to reach this innermost level of presence and peace. The inner works are collective and as you return to that place over time, expansion of your ‘True Nature’ stabilises and flourishes, dispelling the anxieties and less useful habits we unconsciously embody though our disowned fears.

Deep journeying through movement meditation and breath are key to encountering the core of releasing and regaining a sense of freedom in who you are. Not just identitfying with aspects of who and what you ‘think’ you are but experiencing the totality of your inner and outer most being.

This work can be done in various ways through various teachings, some more effective than others. Meagan has found by combining her skills and knowledge, a way that takes you on a gently journey of self exploration. She has run many successful workshops utilising her Hypno-Meditation techniques. She also is currently opening her practice into integrative private sessions focusing on the personalised requirements of shifting self sabotaging habits.

These are not the only paths or way to heal but it could be something that opens a gateway to being at peace within yourself and the world around you. Healing does take effect when two or more join in a higher purpose of mind/s. That connection itself radiates and heals beyond the self and beyond measure.


Breathwork (Clear)
Hawaiian Bodywork massage (Reconnect)
Yogas – Kundalini Hatha Flow (Unite)
Hypno-Meditation (Align)
Diploma of Remedial Massage
Certificate in Ka Huna Bodywork level 1 and 2 -Mette’s Institute
Breathwork Facilitator
Certified Yoga Teacher