Lotus Massage treatments

Remedial Massage

Myofascial Release

Remedial and myofascial release work similar in the type of treatment that occurs as they both consider the body as a whole rather than a particular area. Fascia is a connective tissue that surrounds and connects our whole body together via intertwining organs, nerves skin and bones in a web like manner.

We look at the body as a whole to determine if the pain you are feeling is coming from another area and work to release that via the meridian channels. The muscle after being worked on will release the stuck fascia to give you better range of movement, reduce pain and restore functional patterns.

30 Minutes $70

60 Minutes $110

90 Minutes $160

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy involves using pressure and release techniques to deactivate sensitive points in muscle fibres. These trigger points refer pain into other areas of the body. So treating a trigger point in one part of the body will effectively release another.

30 minutes $70

60 minutes $110

90 Minutes $160

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage is performed with the Mother-to-be lying on her side using a special  pregnancy pillow for belly support. We ensure whole-body comfort by placing pillows at the knees, ankles and head. This positioning is to ensure minimal pressure on the lumbar spine and protect the baby during treatment. Using medium to firm strokes to muscle groups and joints, massage can be very beneficial in reducing joint pain, fluid retention and aid in muscle length and mobility. Massage can also assist baby to turn, that may be in the breach position in the later stages of pregnancy. It is successful in helping reduce mental and physical fatigue during what can be a stressful time. We also suggest opting for one of our Hawaiian pregnancy massages.

60 Minutes $110  

90 Minutes $160

Reiki intuitive sound healing

Tibetan singing bowls have been used for centuries for healing and meditation purposes. This 90-minute intuitive healing session combines therapeutic massage, Reiki and Tibetan sound healing to clear your mind and aid in the process of releasing deep layers of tension and stress stored in the physical body.This treatment will shift your energy levels and unblock any pathways that may be stagnate, injecting new life force energy into your body.

60 Minutes $130  

90 Minutes $180


Hypnosis is one of the most powerful ways to make rapid changes in your life.

The point of hypnosis is to give yourself an added boost in a certain area you might need help with and get deeper into the subconscious mind. Some examples where hypnosis can help are:

1. In the mornings, to help you feel fresh and get out of bed more easily
2. To develop a prosperity mindset and think positively about abundance
3. To become more self-confident and have higher self esteem
4. To raise levels of productivity and combat procrastination
5. To overcome resentments and lingering feelings that might lurk
6. To improve in sports, academically or in a specialist area

How Hypnosis Really Works

Hypnosis works by making subtle changes in your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is extremely powerful, but its also very subtle. What you continually think about establishes new connections in the subconscious and becomes charged with manifesting power.

If you want to improve your life quickly, it helps to obsess about your goals to improve deeper connections in the subconscious. We grow what we continually think about, like seeds being planted in fertile soil, which then sprout and grow high. So its important to be mindful of what you're thinking about on a continual basis. The hidden things you think when nobody is watching is making a big difference

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Cupping involves heating up small glass-cups and then putting them onto the skin, and pulling them away from the body to help loosen and relax-muscles by promoting blood-flow. As massage therapists and alternative health practitioners we recommend and include it in our practice as cupping is kind of the inverse of massage. Instead of apply pressure to muscles, the suction uses pressure to pull the skin, tissue and muscles upward. These 6-reasons might just convince that you should try cupping too.

1.Pain relief Pain relief is one of the main reasons people use cupping. Cupping targets soft tissue with pressure applied to pain points and areas of swelling. This helps to increase blood-flow and give the tissues important nutrients and oxygen. It’s believed to help release tissues deep within the body, relax tense muscles and ease stiffness that’s often associated with neck and back-pain, migraines and rheumatism.

2.Relieve cold, cough and allergy symptoms Cupping can help to stimulate the lungs to help clear out phlegm. Excess phlegm in the lungs triggers coughing to help bring it out of the body. The practice of cupping can help speed the process to relieve one of nasty cold, cough and allergy symptoms. It also helps boost immune-function by moving blood and lymphatic-fluid throughout the body.

3.Promotes relaxation In today’s chaotic world, all of us can use a little time for relaxation. If we don’t take time to relax, the constant stress can lead to a host of health conditions, including mental issues like anxiety and depression. Similar to receiving a deep-tissue massage which offers wonderful, relaxing relief, cupping is soothing as it helps to lift the pressure from tense-muscles.

4.Detoxifying Poor-circulation can lead to buildup of toxins inside of the body’s tissues. This buildup can be the root cause of many different health-conditions. Cupping helps to improve stagnation, while the blood rushing to the area that’s being treated carries away toxins. Along with those-toxins, it helps to clear dead-cells and other debris. All of these elements are then expelled naturally. That’s why drinking lots of water after a cupping session is a good-idea for flushing away those impurities and promoting better-health

. 5.Improve skin conditions Cupping has been used to help with a host of skin-conditions, including eliminating-acne and eczema, reducing skin-inflammation, lessening herpes breakouts and even diminishing cellulite. It’s used to treat acne by cupping the affected area and even nicking the skin in order to remove the breakout. As part of a cellulite treatment, cupping is done after oil is applied to the skin. The cups are then suctioned and moved around to bring heat to the area, along with the skin-healing ingredients of the particular oil that’s used.

6.Anti-Aging Cupping has been found to offer anti-aging effects like fighting wrinkles. It brings more-nutrients to the skin, which helps give it a glowing, younger appearance. In addition, products that are used after the treatment, such as lotions, essential-oils and such, are absorbed better, and therefore, more-effective.

60 mins $135.00

90 mins $185.00


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Sports Massage

Sports massage is an effective form of treatment that involves techniques such as deep tissue and trigger point therapy.

Generally it is used for sports people who exercise regularly. Recovery time is improved and you will become less prone to injury incorporating sports massage into your training regime. When treating an injury remedial techniques are used.

30 Minutes $70

60 Minutes $110 

90 Minutes $160

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue involves firm pressure being applied to the muscle and fascia. The use of long, deep techniques increases blood flow into the muscles and help to release tension and stress held there. when pressure is applied to soft tissue it is known to reduce inflammation and signals the nervous system to release the muscles leading to the reduction of stiffness and tension.

30 Minutes $70

60 Minutes $110  

90 Minutes $160

Lomi - Lomi and

kahuna Massage

Kahuna massage is a traditional ancient Polynesian healing massage that promotes harmony to the body mind and spirit by restoring balance and unlocking blocked emotional energy. It is an energising and relaxing massage. A truly wonderful transformational experience.

Hawaiian Ka Huna is a unique, flowing, energetically vibrant yet deeply relaxing whole-body massage. The rhythmic flow of the strokes allows the body to realign itself energetically. This body work is extremely calming for the client.

Kahuna is an energetic, rhythmic massage known to have a deeply relaxing effect which is derived from the ancient healing system of the native Hawaiians. Kahuna body work is a flowing, dynamic form of massage that indulges all the senses. It provides an holistic approach to rejuvenation and healing by balancing the body ,mind and spirit and restoring your immune system.It is incredibly powerful as it allows energy to flow freely through out your body. After your treatment you will feel totally cleansed of stagnant energy and find to have more clarity on direction and decisions needed.The body work begins with a brief consultation to discuss with your practitioner any needs or concerns. You will be given a sarong and left in private to undress. Once settled your practitioner will re-enter apply oil and perform the rhythmic flows of long sweeping forearm strokes. Both front and back of the body are addressed and treatment lasts 90 or 120 mins.You will be respectfully draped during the session.

These treatments are highly recommended and safe for our pregnant clients

90 Minutes $180  

120 Minutes $230

Anyone of any age can receive the benefits of Kahuna massage. Your practitioner will always attune the massage as needed and treat everyone in a nurturing, and supportive way.